Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh Noes, Your Business is Under Attack!

A somewhat interesting link came through my RSS reader this morning, it wasn't the well articulated basis of this gentleman's argument, nor was it the catchy title. What really made me think (and laugh) was the first post by a man named Will, who apparently works for the aforementioned company "waging war" upon Ruby/Rails.

I think it speaks volumes if you or the company you work for really has to dive into some random persons personal blog and begin defending yourself when all this guy is doing is giving an opinion. You're putting out a competing product (uh, sure!) and that's great...some will use it many will not. But it really makes me shake my head (knowing some people who work at Zend personally) when I see a Zend'er come out with the gloves up just clutching and grabbing for some traction on their products worth.

Really, if your product was worth a damn in the first place you'd likely have 9 other posts to this one touting the grace and power your product encapsulates. Instead, you put those gloves up because you know you have put out an inferior product and are trying not to be the last kid picked.

Finally, I must admit here that "Will" (IF that IS your REAL name...haha) does a good job of playing the diplomat, trying not to insult the blogger's intelligence and still keep him as a potential client (although, from the sounds of it, he's made his decision).

It's really great to have passion (see my last post) but sometimes you can't let that get in the way of what people outside your click think. Let them have it, if you're right, well then they'll all see in the end when you succeed.

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