Thursday, June 19, 2008

boy oh boy

So much stuff going on. New job, potential for my shares in an old job to be worth a great deal, summer-time, the Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup, mumbl! Hard to keep a guy like me blogging with all the stuff going on.

I'm not going to make this post about NOT blogging. It's more of an intro to what's to come. Not in a day or two, but within the next hour or so. My first topic is going to be of the freshest thing in my mind: the datamapper couchdb adapter. After that I have a phone call regarding some pretty big stuff. It could be my ticket towards some serious cash for helping guide a small start-up through the funding period. What a ride that has been over the last year and a half! Working for free (well, for stock options at least - we know what those can be worth).

So without any further ado. The real blogging item...

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