Saturday, August 2, 2008

Merb does it again...

Remember in the old days when you'd create what I can only explain as a "temporary session" in Rails to notify someone ONCE on a page of something? It could have been a form validation error, a success, just anything that you needed to toss up to the user temporarily. Still with me?

Merb now has this wonderful "message" implementation which they've hooked onto the redirect method. So, by calling:

redirect '/some/path', "We're gonna need a bigger boat..."

You receive a variable "message" that contains your message (conventional, right?). It's basically marshalled and plopped into the querystring and then deserialized into the var. I really like this over the Rails method...but, following what the Pug says - I'm not pitting merb against rails.

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It's late, I'm wiped out and that's the "best" I could do for humor.

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