Friday, January 2, 2009

Who Knew?!?!

...that it would be more than two months since my last post.

...that Rails and Merb would get into bed with each other. (And may or may not come out producing something useful).

...that we would be on the verge of collapsing economically (ok, some did, but I didn't).

...that the Boston Bruins would lead the NHL in points almost half way through the year by winning 10 games straight! (they better knock this off, my Red Wings need some love)

...that the Tennessee Titans would be the 1st seed in the NFL playoffs.

...that I would grasp enough Erlang to seriously consider using it for an application.

...that I could come up with a post as "clever" as this with a horrid head cold.

Ok, well now that the busyness of Nov/Dec is over I can hopefully return to more sharing...Stay tuned.

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