Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Square pegs in round holes Pt. 1

Is everyone here? No? Fuck it, I'm going anyway...

I'm currently employed at a medical laboratory that was bought out a few months ago. In the beginning there were a few changes that needed to be made to the data-model (expected things). We (the people in "IT") were told that standard operating procedure at this "new" company was that everything server/application related would get swept into the corporate fruitcake and moved to North Carolina.

It was then apparent to these worker-bee's of the new corporate entity that this did not sit well with our group (which consists of me; a software developer, a network administrator and a help-desk technician). So stories were being floated down from people who, in the corporate hierarchy, are nothing more than someone's gopher about how we were unique and how everything would stay as is. Jobs weren't in jeopardy and life was good - not a care in the world. This same type of story was handed to other departments, sans servers of course.

Various meetings were held telling everyone to sit tight while things were jumbled about - you can insert your favorite corporate buzzwords here. I'm sure if you pictured it in your head you could just imagine this meeting. A southern gentleman who resembled Cotton Hill from King of the Hill standing in front of 80 people, fielding questions ever so diplomatically. The nervousness and longevity of his answers went completely unnoticed by my co-workers who resembled in my eyes a bunch of dogs at obedience class. *You can stop nodding now*

No one thought for a second to have a plan. They let these people waltz in and rip the rug right out from underneath them. Sad.

There's part of me that has some empathy for them but to take such a gamble on you and your families well-being based on some slick-talkin' stranger is simply ridiculous.

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