Friday, January 18, 2008

'Wings finally break 3 game skid.

Just to give anyone reading a heads-up, I'll post my hockey blurbs here and there, because I need to give my team a "shout out". Maybe I'll even convert you into a hockey fan along the way...

The Detroit Red Wings ended a three game losing streak Thursday night in a 3-2 shootout victory over the Vancouver Canucks. Dan Cleary posted the only 2 regulation goals for Detroit, with Henrik Zetterberg putting away the only shootout goal.

Dominik Hasek certainly shined on in this game stopping 26 of 28 shots and shutting the Canuck shooters down in the shootout.

In years past, I could probably (and given the time, I most likely will because I'm a nerd like that) graph two "slips" in the Red Wings seasonal performance. One in November and one in late January/early February, almost like clockwork. I'll hopefully put something together in the coming weeks with all the madness going on.

Cheers for the Red Wings!

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