Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Application Throughput is for Closers Only

After reading a few informative posts and some statistics on application deployments and their performance with rails and the growing number of available proxies/webservers, I thought I'd take my shot at putting something fast together on a not-so beefy machine.

Read this article first and then this (Thin), this (Garbage Collection in Rails) and then this (Rails Routing).

Ok, ok, you probably didn't reall all of those...but at least read the first one. My goal is to try to bake all these together with an app that will actually do something outside of "hello, world" and see what type of performance I can juice out of an Ubuntu (Gibbon) box running on a 1.8Ghz AMD and 1.5Gb RAM. I have a fairly lightweight financial management application I've built on rails that is a perfect candidate for this type of experiment.

What's going to be involved? Nginx, Swiftiply, Thin, Postgresql and of course Rails. Now I'd like to mention here that currently (correct me if I'm wrong) there isn't a patch to run Thin via Swiftiply - I plan on changing that now that I don't have to huddle my family into a crawl space due to the 8,000 tornado warnings we had last night. It's like the world didn't want me to implement it!

Anyway, I'll post progress as I make it - if nothing else it's going to be a fun learning experience. Maybe some notoriety will come about from it if I can tie Thin into Swiftiply "un-shittily" (I'm sure someone will bitch about something).

That's all for now.

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