Monday, February 11, 2008

'Wings BACK on a 3 game skid

Dan Cleary is out 6-8 weeks after taking a puck to the jaw and breaking it in two places (his jaw, not the puck). So there's an integral part of Detroit's 2nd-line scoring gone until, let's face it; April - hell, probably until the playoffs start.

Does this mean Kenny Holland is going to become more...I don't want to say desperate, but let's say...alert during the trade deadline? Looking over the list of names available out there, no one really looks to be a good fit for Cleary's "out of the way" scoring tactics. Finding someone with the knack that Cleary has (in my opinion) is like trying to find someone to replace Brett Hull. You really can't. The way these guys creep into the play completely unnoticed is simply incredible. Yes, it's true - I'm sure it is very easy to lose sight of whom to cover when Detroit is in your zone but c'mon, hasn't anyone gone and looked at tape? You'd be amazed how many goals Dan would score just slipping into the area around the face-off circles. If I had the time and the resources, I'd make you a little scatterplot to make you a believer.

I just hope the Red Wings can find someone to fill that void(?) on defense, I'm not too keen about Rob Blake for some reason, probably because he's 38 and is currently nursing a foot injury. Being a defenseman myself I know how often you take pucks to the feet - IT'S A LOT!!! So to pick up a huge name like that and be teetering on the brink of injury like he is...I can't see Ken Holland picking him up; I just can't. But Brad, didn't they sign Bertuzzi last year? Yes, they did - look how that turned out. He played in 8 games for Detroit last year: 2 goals, 2 assists and he was a +3. ZZZZZZzzzz...Don't come in here with that attitude. Detroit has chunks of guys like him in their stool. They're a dime a dozen on their farm team. I think for the 'Wings to have a great success in the trade arena, they should pick up a scorer: Mats Sundin is available! And finally, try to find at least a decent defenseman - maybe a stable, stay-at-home type of guy. If it works out with Blake, fantastic - I'd love to see Detroit bring a championship back home again, but boy does it not sit well with me.

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